What We Do
  1. Educate The Underprivileged

    We partner with community nonprofit that are involved in children work, and support their educational goals by:

    1. Providing Character Montessori™ English and Math courses at early childhood, elementary and secondary levels
    2. Providing trained teachers who will go to the schools to teach the children
    3. Training children with high-technology education tools, such as tablets, to maximize the learning benefits
    4. Provide a safe and conducive physical environment for learning  
  1. Equip Educators and Stakeholders

There is a common lack of trained and well-trained teachers in many developing countries. We believe that a good education begins with a good teacher and the right education approach.

To enable best learning for the children, we aim to raise a good pool of professional teachers by providing them with equipping and financial support. We also aim to increase awareness of character-education among key stakeholders.

The ways we achieve this goal include:

  1. Recruit and train new teachers to become qualified teaching professionals in character-based education at our training centres
  2. Partner with education institutions to introduce and establish Early Childhood Education professional qualifications
  3. Conduct equipping events (seminars, workshops and training) for NGOs and stakeholders such as parental groups, and key decision makers
  4. Give financial support through subsidies and scholarship
  1. Channel Resources

To be effective in educating the children, we are dedicated to raise and channel resources to kindergartens and schools that have different needs. We do so by:

  1. Raising awareness and raise funds for the needs
  2. Organizing short-term trips to the our partner schools where participants help in practical activities, such as renovating, building, painting school facilities and connecting with the children  
  3. “School Adoption Program” – by which donor provides financial and in-kind donations to a school of their choice.